Illumaison is now a year-round ornament with Christmas, St. Valentine’s, Easter, Pentecost, and Halloween/All Soul’s Day styles.  Preview our artists’ beautiful creations.

St. Valentine’s Day



Corpus Christi





Illumaison lanterns are now easy to assemble.  They are designed with tongue-and-groove technology and require no glue.  You can put these together in fifteen minutes or less now!

Christmas 2018 Stock Lantern Styles

IllumaisonTM lanterns came in three stock styles for Christmas 2018: the Haitian Chapel, Worker’s Victorian, and Cajun Victorian.  They were made out of partially-recycled, natural materials, down to the adhesive.  The “fanal” lanterns are fully recyclable, and created in the artists’ homes with no machines for a minimum carbon footprint.

The Holiday 2018 IllumaisonTM Collection was inspired by the distinctive, highly ornamented wooden architecture of the Victorian and Edwardian era in San Francisco Bay, the Cajun and Creole settlements of Louisiana, and of course the gingerbread houses of Haiti.  Stock styles are about one cubic foot when assembled.  We can also have your own house or favorite specimen of architecture custom-made in either the traditional IllumaisonTM, a typical Haitian “fanal” lantern, or the detailed, papier-mâché Jacmel IllumaisonTM style.

Small Chapel


Workers Victorian Fanal

Cajun Victorian Fanal

Christmas 2018 Stock Cards

Gingerbread House (IC-1), Chapel (IC-2), Worker’s Victorian (IC-3), and Recycled Stained Glass (IC-4), Stained Glass (IC-5)


Special Order Illumaison Fanaux

Morris-Israel Fanal

Peabody Fanal


Haitian Gingerbread Fanal

Haitian Gingerbread Fanal 2


Typical Haitian Church Fanal

Jacmel Fanal 1Jacmel Fanal 3

Jacmel Fanal 2


Jacmel Modrian Painted Lady.jpg